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While looking at patents, you might feel that everything seems to be random and nothing makes sense. But there is always a pattern in chaos. And we unravel that pattern in the chaos.


Does it strike anyone as odd that the Patent Office would require patent applicants to jump through a series of quite onerous hoops, spend tens of thousands of dollars and wait between five to ten years to get a patent issued only to then turn around and sell the opportunity to challengers to defeat the patents that the agency just ostensibly put their stamp of approval on and which are supposed to be statutorily presumed to be valid property rights? Welcome to the brave new world of the AIA!

-Gene Quinn


“If there really is an explosion in the number of cases filed, I don’t think the USPTO will have the man power and brainpower to address all the issues, Just […]


Given the huge impact of the AIA and its IPR proceedings on the US economy, on corporate valuations, and on the value provided to individual inventors, it is time for […]

“The America Invents Act (AIA) was the single worst disaster in the 226 year history of the U.S. patent system. The AIA did very real damage – enough to put […]


It is usually better, if possible, to remedy problems through iterative changes by courts or the Administration rather than statutorily. Changing a statute is difficult and is usually the result […]


“The power and complexity of IPR trials really rewards a sophisticated approach from either side. What initially was considered a death squad became a place where both sides can prevail […]


In the wake of the AIA, the cloud of uncertainty hanging over patents is dark indeed. This uncertainty has depressed the value of patents and the returns to research and […]


Does it strike anyone as odd that the Patent Office would require patent applicants to jump through a series of quite onerous hoops, spend tens of thousands of dollars and […]


For a cash-constrained company, IPR proceedings give them options to challenge a patent without taking on the burden of full-blown litigation. Even if a company has the means to take […]


The AIA may have undermined the very system it was aimed at improving. While well capitalized players may be able to ride out the current storm—or even take advantage of […]

Judge: “Am I never to hear the truth?” Counsel: “No, my lord, merely the evidence.” -Peter Murphy, Practical Guide to Evidence

“I made three arguments in every case. First came the one I had planned-as I thought, logical, coherent, complete. Second was the one actually presented – interrupted, incoherent, disjointed, disappointing. […]

Shortsighted thinking deprives patent owners from licensing opportunities. –Eric Halber

A patent professional is someone, who possesses technical skills, scientific approach, legal knowledge, and futuristic vision. Yes, they are rare. -Ujjwal Jha

A patent grant is the collaborative outcome of weeks spent pondering over an idea, months spent strategically penning down the creation and years spent fiercely defending its originality.

A business without IP protection is like driving without your seatbelt on. You’re unnecessarily taking an easily avoidable risk. –Navin Agarwal

Beauty of a patent lies in eyes of beholder. Narrowest of inventions can be monetizable, all depends on what one sees. Even ugliest of beings look beautiful from some ‘point […]

IP strategy

To successfully license in today’s environment, it is often necessary to file a patent infringement suit to convince a potential licensee to seriously engage in licensing negotiations and close a […]

IP games are being played on all sides, resulting in demon dialogues, negative patterns and quick escalations to legal actions. In order to foster productive discussions, both sides need to […]

PAEs are detrimental to business and innovation. Despite what they say, trolls are not making the world a better place for anyone. It is time they lay down their arms […]

IP by itself will not make a company succeed, no more than writing a song will make someone a rock star. The value of a business lies primarily with the […]

Patent owners should invest the necessary time and money in preparing and prosecuting patents with greater clarity, so that 10 years from now there will be confidence that those patents will […]

Management typically doesn’t understand all the different mechanisms or business models that can apply to IP. So, if you ask, “What do you want to do with it?” they say, “Huh?”  You […]

I can prove to you a value for something that’s anything I want it to be. I pretty much decide what it’s worth and then I pick an algorithm that proves the number. The one value in using an outside firm for valuation is to provide credibility for the answer you’ve already come up with.

Having IP and getting licensing revenue makes sense in some business situations, but not in others. If you can find patents that still have a useful life but are not in a […]

Leveraging IP assets is much broader than monetization. It could mean clearing roadblocks in front of introducing new products, or getting new avenues to sell company products. At the end of the day, […]

Litigation tends to follow the industries where the real innovations are being made, and where the potential for huge profits are. –William J Marsden Jr.

IP is not what it portrays to be. IP is not about ownership. It’s not about rewarding innovation. IP is about blocking innovation, and ensuring that old dinosaurs can stay […]

IP is more than just patents. It’s brand, it’s confidential information, it’s copyright – none of these rights rely on spending millions of dollars on lawyers. Most of the IP […]

By undermining patents, by encouraging inventors not to file patents, by it making harder for small inventors to get and enforce their patents, and by adding uncertainty to the entire […]


Post AIA, It isn’t enough to file just any patent application and to prosecute it in an ordinary way. Instead, the new goal is to obtain issuance of an IPR-proof patent. –Richard Beem

Most of these companies don’t produce anything,they just shake down anyone who does, so calling them trolls is a little misleading, at least trolls actually do something, they control bridge […]